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Just in case you're curious about some of the items I may use on my projects, I thought I'd go ahead and make an ever-growing/changing list here. Of course, if you're anything like me, you have loads of gadgets that you forget you have until someone or something reminds you you have it. So don't hesitate to ask, cuz I probably have it, just forgot about it until you reminded me. 😆
Some of the links may be affiliate related, which means I might make a penny or two if you by the item using my link. So, I THANK YOU in advance for helping me save up for my next crafty gadget splurge. 

Most of the links below are from Amazon. I purchase enough through Amazon that Amazon Prime is totally worth it for me. Many times though, I end up saving a few dollars, and taking the free shipping from a seller other than Amazon. So be sure the shop around for the best price. I do!

Also, Amazon is currently running a promotion. Not sure how long it will last. I received notice about it today, July 19, 2016, just a few minutes ago so I thought I'd post it here. Basically, use my referral link to get a $5 coupon at Amazon for signing into the Amazon App the first time: https://amazon.com/mpr?referralcode=JENNI116814N&ref_=mpr_tr_ss

- If you don't mind a blue casing instead of the typical gray, you can sometimes purchase the Silhouette Fabric Blade, which is essentially identical to the standard blade except the casing, for less.
- Silhouette Of America $25 Download Gift Card The price varies from day-to-day, but on 11/30/2016 you could purchase a $25 card for $14.75!

- Scotch Quick Dry: the lowest price I have found is at Sam's Club, shipping is Free!
- ATG 1/4" refill tape: I purchase mine from The Tape Depot. Get on their mailing list and watch for special pricing emails throughout the year when USPS Priority Shipping is Free!   
- Double-sided tissue tape: I shop around for the best price. Sometimes I find it on EBay, Amazon, or the Scor-Tape site.
- Post-it Tape: This stuff is great for holding dies in place on paper in my Cuttlebug.  I use the 2" width tape but you can also get the 1" width tape.
- Black Crepe Masking Tape: This tape is great for quickly joining chipboard together for boxes or books!

I purchased mine through the JoAnn's website a couple years ago. (I purchased a lot and haven't needed to reorder yet.) When I do purchase again I will post where here.
Here is a pretty good deal through Amazon:  Grafix Medium Weight Chipboard Sheets, 12-Inch by 12-Inch, Natural, 25-Pack

I typically buy my cardstock from Michael's or Hobby Lobby when on sale or with a coupon. 

Patterned Paper:
I typically buy the papers I use at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's or any of a number of local scrapbook stores. (www.scrapbook.com is local to me!! Woot! )

Clear Cardstock or Acetate:
In the past I have purchased from Michael's but they no longer sell it. I have found some at Hobby Lobby also but they were limited to 8x10 or 8 1/2x11 sheets. Recently I found Grafix Clear Craft Plastic .007 Thickness 12-Inch by 12-Inch, Pack of 25 at Amazon

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