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The Labels list for my files and posts is getting so long I decided to move it from my blog page to its own home. I hope this makes it easier for everyone to locate the files they are in search of.

Not sure how to get my files? Keep reading... My files used to be free, but due to some changes in my personal situation, it is necessary for me to change that. For the files that do not have a "Buy Now" button associated with them, all I ask is a donation (minimum of $1 please since Paypal takes $0.33 of the $1 donation). If you are making several requests in one day you only need to donate one lump sum. No need to send individual donations. Then just type a note in the memo section so that I'll know which file(s) you're wanting.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all files are available in GYPSY format. I no longer have an operational Gypsy so I'm no longer able to create .gypsy files. I was converting the files on an As Needed/Requested basis and not all files were needed or requested before my Gypsy died. Also Provo Craft is no longer supporting DesignStudio so I'm not even able to contact them to get help in getting the files converted. Please feel free to ask if you want to be sure before sending money.

If you're unable to find the Memo section on the Paypal screen please leave me a message by clicking on “People cared to comment” located at the bottom of each post. (More info on How To Post a Comment here.) I do my best to send the reply email within 72 hours with a download link. From time to time I get a bit distracted by motherhood and such. If you don’t receive an email, please look in your spam inbox.  Unless otherwise instructed, the cut file will be sent to the email address on the Paypal receipt. 

For your privacy... I do not keep your email addresses and do not sell them to others. Be aware, my Cricut mailbox is almost always full. If you decide to try to reach me via that route you may have a bit of a wait.

One final NOTE: Some browsers do not like the download links that I email to you (i.e.: AOL, MSN, ...). They won't allow the links to open properly. Usually it's because it is preventing the Save/Cancel pop-up window from opening. If this happens, please try allowing pop-ups for that once instance or opening the link in a different browser. (IE, Firefox, Safari seem to work fine for most people.)



 ** If you notice something is mislabeled feel free to send me a note. Thank you! **