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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mad4Plaid Christmas Mini Album

Seriously, I think 2017 was the fastest on record. I mean really, where did the year go? Today's post is about a mini album gift for my mom. Most of her children live hundreds of miles from where she lives so she doesn't get to see us very often. So every few years I send out a request for pictures from my siblings, nieces, nephews, etc. I'm still gathering, but in the mean time here is the album that those pictures will eventually go in.

To watch at YouTube click HERE

You will notice it isn't as 100% finished as my usual creations. That is because I wanted to wait to add all of the 'fluff and stuff' once the pictures are in the album. Also, depending on how giving my family members are, I haven't created all of the pull outs and tags yet. If I get one or two pictures then I won't need a lot of tags or accordion folded pull outs, right? Thank goodness most of them are on facebook or Instagram and I can grab a pic or two there so my mom will have some 'proof of life.' (ha!)

I'm hoping to create another post with the Finished book before I need to wrap and ship it to her a few states away. Fingers crossed my siblings get those pictures to me soon!

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, New Years, winter holiday.
Love and hugs! Thank you for your visit during this busy season.