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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Another Christmas Delivery

Two days in a row, folks! I'm even surprising myself. But my brain was spinning over this cute FREEBIE Ttruck graphic from CreativeFabrica.com. So, I had to create something else. A Truck-Shaped Gift Card holder. (Affiliate links used where available.)

Totally works, right? When I first saw the print out I thought for sure I had reeeeealy over sized it, but nope. Not at all.

I've got a quick tutorial on changing the color of the graphic in the Silhouette Studio for you today. The easiest way to do this is to just pick a color from the selection area. But, what if the color you want isn't there?? And, what if you want to make sure it matches something else you're putting with it? Well, use that 'something' to find your color using the color picker. Select the color picker (right side above) and hover it over the item that you want the color from. Since the tree is two different colors you may have to hover in a few spots to get the color picker to find the right spot to click on.

OK, now that you know where you're going to get your color from, use the arrow tool to select the the item that you're recoloring (see truck above). Now select the color picker tool, click on the color, ....

... and Voila! now I have a green truck!

Now, I want this to be a pocket card so I can put a gift card in the back of the truck. So after tracing the design, I selected the design and the trace and used the Replicate tool to Flip Below. Then I took the bottom two pieces and inched them up so that they were overlapped at the wheels and welded. Boom! I have a pocket card in the making. I also did the same for the Santa Hat graphic from the same Freebie Truck Kit. (Seriously, such cute accessories in this kit....Note the bell on the door!)

I printed. I cut. I folded. And then I glued the cab of the truck, the tires and the tailgate of the truck together leaving the bed of the truck open so that I could slide a gift card inside. The Santa Hat followed suit leaving just the pompom end open so that it could also show on both sides of the gift card.

The Bow on the gift came from a Spellbinders Bow die that I have in my stash.
And a bit of gold twine glued in between the hat pieces so I could hang the gift card like an ornament. (I would have liked to have taken a picture with it on my tree but my hubby had his shoulder operated on a couple weeks ago and he can't get the tree from the attic with one arm. And I'm too short to get into the attic. My Christmas present this year will be a taller ladder.)

That's all for today. If you haven't checked out CreativeFabrica.com yet give it a try. So many fonts! Several holiday themed freebies! And they're running a promotion right now where you can get three months for only $12! If you're a fontophile like me, you will love it.

Thanks again for visiting! I know how busy life is. I appreciate you spending just a few minutes with me.  Have a great day!