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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Delivery Card

It's been a while since my last post. Not that I haven't been creating. I have! I just haven't taken the time to create a blog post about my creations. Typically I just post on Instagram (see feed above). It's fast. Easy. And if anyone has any questions they can just shoot me a questions via the Instagram feed. Well, today I have reason to post beyond just a single snapshot. Today I'm introducing you to a new web source that I think you might find useful: CreativeFabrica.com  And a bit of a Silhouette Print and Cut tutorial too.  (Affililate links used where available.)

Fun, right? And all made with digital FREEBIES! (and other odds and ends I had in my stash.) Keep reading. I'll tell you how.

I chose this cute Truck Kit from the Freebies section. I also used the Fa la la la la for the inside,

Inside the Kit are three styles of trucks and three styles of trees. And some other fun accessories to decorate with... bells, snowflakes, mistletoe, holly, etc.

The graphics come in three file types. I chose the .svg format and put everything I needed onto the mat inside Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.

After my first print I realized I forgot something.... To remove the red cutline outlines! I set up offset outlines for cutting out the shapes and then forgot to remove the color. Ooops! To fix this (in case you don't know how) see the following steps:

To remove the Offset Lines so they don't print when doing a Print and Cut, select all of the items on your mat that have an outline that you don't want to print. Then choose white as the color of the line. Voila!

You can not see the outline but it is still there. To prove this, just go to the cut screen and the cut lines (outlines) will show up.

Another problem I realized I had was that I had set up my card base on the bottom half of the cardstock that I was printing and then cutting. I did not what the Registration Lines to print on my card base. To fix this I used a small piece of Post-it® Labeling Tape. It's white so barely visible in the picture above, but believe me it's there.

In this picture I've lifted the corner of the tape so you can see it better Later on I have a picture where I've pulled it off the tape and you can see it better still. Post-it® Labeling Tape  is great!! If you haven't tried it yet, you may want to add it to your wish list. You won't regret it.

Ok, now that I have all my pieces cut it's time to put the card together. I started with a small scrap of white card measuring 4"x5.25." Using a blending tool and a few inks I created an evening sky background.

Here is my card base again... See the Post-it tape removed nicely from the card taking the registration mark with it. YAY! As you can see I was able to download a second digital file from CreativeFabrica.com Freebies  to print on the inside of my card.

I folded my card base in half. The finished card measures 4.25"x5.25"
I adhered the sky background using some ATG.

Next I added a small snowbank, cut using a die from my stash, plus my Print and Cut truck from the kit using foam adhesive.

 I followed up with a second die-cut snowbank, attached with foam adhesive again.

And then the cut out snowflakes were added.

 Then I added some small dots using a Sharpie White Paint Marker. I also added some shimmer to the snowflakes and snowbanks using a Wink of Stella pen. And it's done!

 And here is the inside where I used the Freebie Fa la la la la.

 Don't you just love the dimension?

I had to get pics from all angles...
Yup. Love. Love. Love.  :)

Well, that's it. Hope you like it. I think the tutorial took longer to type than printing, cutting, coloring, gluing and adhering did.

Thanks for visiting! And really, check out CreativeFabrica.com  You won't be disappointed.