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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Crocheted Bun

Every once in a while I step away from my paper projects and do a bit of something else. This time it was crochet. As I was wandering the web I came across this adorable Amigurumi bunny created by Tejiendo Peru. (You can search Conejo at www.tejiendoperu.com to find the pattern.) The entire instructions, including videos, are all in Spanish. I don't understand Spanish, except to count to twenty, yes, no, here, and a few other random words. So I had to guess on most of it. All-in-all, I think it came out pretty good, even though it's a bit bigger than the original, due to the fact that I used the yarn and hook I had on hand, which were not identical to what she used. Also I used some multi-color yarn for the ears and feet instead of three individual colored yarns....again, just used what I had on hand.

Anyway, I sent my sister some pics of the progress and her 7 year old son saw him. She told me he was quite concerned that the bunny needed to go to a good home. So I told her to tell him that if he does super well in school that maybe Baby Bun-Bun (he has already named the bunny) could come live with him. (Yes, I'm still angling for the position of best Auntie ever! 😇)

Here are some during-the-progress pics that I took. He was a bit Alien before he got his ears and feet...

Oh! And you HAVE to check out his cute tail/cola ...
Hehehe! Doesn't it just make you giggle?

That's it! Easy peasy squishy cuteness!
Have a terrific day! Thanks for stopping by.

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