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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Decanter Box


So I'm always looking for a fun treat/handout idea to make for my mom, sister and niece and I to give to the ladies we visit each month. Well, a couple weeks back I found a fun box idea created by Linda Parker of Papercraft with Crafty. The way the top end of the box folds in to create a faux lid reminded me of the Treat Box I created years ago for Cricut Design Studio. (The opening of the box is actually on the bottom.)
 Linda calls this her Decanter Box. In her video she shows how she created this box using an envelope punch board.
I have an envelope punch board, but decided to make a Silhouette cutting file since I needed to make 12 of these little beauties. Plus, that way I could also make the decorative paper layers to go over the cardstock in the same file. 
 I found some fun chocolate eggs at my  local Winco grocery store. I and was able to bag them in some plastic bags which I used my bag sealing machine to make custom sized to fit nine chocolate eggs, That way I didn't need to use acetate to cover all of the windows. (Have you priced acetate lately? Holy shmoly! It's gone up in price in the past year.)

Anyway, Thanks Linda for sharing your design!
That's it for today! Thanks for visiting.

Cardstock: Recollections (Michael's)
Decorative Paper: Sweet Shoppe (DCWV)
Hardware & Software: Silhouette Design Studio Software, Silhouette Cameo
Misc: Twine, Scotch Quick Dry Glue, plastic bags, chocolate eggs, Scotch tape

Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine, you're all WRITE!

Today's project is my son's Valentine handouts. I asked him what he wanted to give out to his classmates. His reply, "I don't care. Just pick something." So.... I did.

Lots of pics ahead along with a tutorial if you need one.
First, I opened up my Silhouette Studio software and set up my page using the Page Settings menu.
 Then using the Draw a Rectangle tool on the left, I drew out a rectangle.
 Next, making sure my shape was selected on the virtual mat, I Opened the Scale Window and made the rectangle exactly the size I wanted it.
 I decided I wanted my rectangle to have a fish tale or swallow tale end. So with the shape will active, I selected the Point Edit tool on the left.....
 .... and added a point at the center point on the right side of the rectangle.
 Then I just used my left arrow key to move the point in about 1/2" from the right side. I find the gridlines on the virtual mat to be very helpful for this kind of thing.
Now that I have my cut shape, it's time to decorate it. I opened the Offset Window at the top, selected Internal Offset, adjusted the distance to where I wanted it, selected Corner offset style, an Apply.
 I knew I didn't want a solid line drawn on my tag, so I opened the Line Style Window at the top and with the internal line active, I selected the dashed line. You will also want to adjust the Line Thickness from 0.0 or the line will be very faint. I changed mine to 1.0. Also make sure you scroll to the bottom of the Line Style menu and select the Print Lines of Selected Shapes. Otherwise your dashed line will not print.
 Next I needed to add the cut lines for attaching the pencil to the tag. I used the Draw a Line tool on the left, drew out a straight line, adjusted the length to 0.675 in length.
 When I was happy with the first line, I copied and pasted the second one on and moved it into position near the bottom of the tag.
Now that I have all of my cut lines established, I selected all of my cut lines and made sure they were set them to 0.0 thickness.
 For my sanity, and to help you better understand what I was creating, I decided to change the colors of the lines: Grey for cut lines, Red for the dashed printed line and the printed words I would be adding next.
 Ok... Words. First up: "Valentine."  I clicked on the Text Tool on the left, clicked on to the virtual mat and typed out my word.
 I clicked somewhere else on the mat to deselect my word. then clicked on my word to select it. Then I opened the Text Style Window at the top so I could change the font.
 And since I would be printing it and not cutting it, I opened the Fill Color Window at the top and selected the color I wanted the word to print in.
 I placed the word on my tag and used the corner handles to resize it so it would fit perfectly inside my tag.
 I repeated the previous steps again to finish the wording on my tag.
 Now, if I was to send this to the printer it would print just fine, but if I sent this to my Silhouette I would have a mess. I need to tell the software what to print and what not to print. So I opened the Cut Settings Window at the top, selected all the wording at the dashed line and then chose No Cut from the menu. Now only the gray lines have a thick red line over them meaning those are the only cut lines.
I'm just about ready to print! Just a couple more steps...
First, use the Select tool (the arrow) at the left and grab the whole design. Go up to Object and chose Group. Now I can easily copy and paste several on to the screen so I can print and cut more than one at a time. I also went to the top and opened the Registration Marks Window to set up my print boundaries.
 I copied, pasted and arranged eight tags onto the virtual mat and sent the file to the printer using the Send to Printer icon at the top.
Tip:  At this point if you make any changes to your file it could change how your Silhouette will cut the file.
I placed my printout onto my cutting mat and loaded it into my Silhouette then using the Cut Settings Window set up my cut and sent it to the Silhouette to cut.

And once the tags were all cut, I just slipped a pencil through the cuts on the side. Done!
Ready to gift!
I hope this tutorial helped if you've been having difficulties designing in Silhouette Studio. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or if my instructions weren't clear.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a a terrific day!

Software; Silhouette Studio Designer Edition to create tags
                 Photoshop to edit pictures
Hardware: Silhouette Cameo to cut tags
                  Canon DSLR to take pictures
Cardstock: Georgia Pacific
Pencils are from Dollar Tree