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Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Star Wars Birthday Card

Hope you are having a nice weekend. My son was invited to a birthday today. We were so busy this week we didn't have an opportunity to go gift shopping. So we grabbed a gift card for the gift. I find kids like to have money to buy their own gift anyway.

I created a card to put the gift card in. I designed it based on the Star Wars logo that was in the card.

To make it extra fun, I made it a shaker card. The black bits are small Darth Vader helmet shapes. The green pieces are Yoda. I originally created the two shapes at 4" tall for the birthday boy's mom to use in the goodie bags and as decor at the party. So I used the same shapes scaled down to 1/2" in the shaker. The red stars were punched from the same shiny cardstock I used on the face of the card. And I included some tiny clear beads to help keep things moving inside the compartment....sometimes the paper sprinkles stick together.

That's it for today! Thanks for visiting.

PS:  I'm using the android blogger app for my phone. Blogging while I'm at the carwash. Can't edit the photos within the app. Or choose where they will appear. Hopefully it all makes sense once I click "post."