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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Have you met Eek-Katerina yet?

This post was a few weeks in the making. . . Because it took me a few weeks to make "her."

Not that she is super hard to make, but because life kept getting in the way. Oy! 😕

Every time I sat down to work on her, I was called away to do something else. 

And then Fall Break occurred which meant my son was out of school. So, we decided that meant it was necessary for us to take a lovely trip to Anaheim to visit Disneyland. 😎

Truthfully, we both deserved that after all the doctor appointments to check his ears and eyes. We both needed a bit of escapism after all that reality! 😜

And then of course I decided I "knew" the next step and jumped ahead in my rush to finish her and then realized I screwed up, which resulted in ripping up what was glued on.... Yeah. 😱😲 (did you notice the ripped up paper in the previous Katerina pic?) I didn't have another piece of the same paper so I really didn't have a choice: I could not start over. I needed to come up with a solution. As a result, I think I came up with a nice fix. Keep reading....

Her skirt and apron panels are finally attached properly (ahem)... ☺️ ...along with her big sleeves. (Just a tad bit '80s, am I right?)
Next came her hair. Lots of hair!

I curled the hair before I even started the body because I wasn't sure if it would work... if I'd like it... how much I'd need... Jodie gives great instructions on her NeedlesnKnowledge site on how to curl the cotton twine. As it turns out my knitting needles were fatter and longer than hers. So I ended up with quite a bit more curled twine than was probably necessary. 
(Yes... In case you missed it, another great reminder of my huge mistake can be seen in the above pic. Just keeping it real, people.)

She's looking quite girlie now. Love it! 

I decided she needed a hat instead of the batty crown that came in the file. This hat comes from the Witch 3D mini Hat from Snapdragon Snippets. 

Katerina came with a star and moon banner set in the file. I decided to create something else. Using Silhouette Design Studio I created the banner pieces and glittered them up to make them really festive.

And if you've gotten this far then you will be pleased to see the final product! Woohoo! 
She is a gift for my mother who has an October birthday. 🎉🎂🎃🎁👻
I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know I have a blog, let alone read it. So I'm pretty safe posting the pics for you all. 
Well, I've taken up quite a lot of your time. Hope it was worth it for you. Thank you so much for visiting.  Have a wonderful day!

PS: Didn't see my fix? Well, I made Katerina a cape from a scrap of black cardstock. If you didn't know it wasn't supposed to be there, you'd never know it. 😎 You can just see it peeking out at her sides in the above pic. Below is a picture of her back. What do think? I did ok, right? Since her wings were smooth, I decided to crinkle to cardstock for the cape for added texture and to give it a more fabric-like appearance. 

Paper: Halloween (K&Co)
Cardstock: black (Recollections), creamy peach (Paper Studio)
Adhesive: 1/4" tape (Scor-Tape), 1/4" tape (ATG), Quick Dry Adhesive (Scotch), viscose (Beacon)
Other: glitter glue (Ranger), embroidery floss (DMC), beads (Hobby Lobby), ribbon (Michael's), black seam binding (HugSnug), twine (Annie's Paper Boutique)
Software: Silhouette Design Studio
Hardware: Silhouette Cameo, scissors, hot glue gun, sewing needles

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