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Thursday, May 23, 2013

May Flowers

Long time no blog,eh?  Yeah. Life got busy after spring break. We had a Shark report to write and create a display for (I say we because, well, as much as the homework is my son's I usually need to lend a hand in one way or another), we planted flowers and vegetables (Cub Scouts fun!), and we made a quick trip to southern California to visit family (and Disneyland, of course!).  It's no wonder the months of April and May are a blur in my mind.

I made a fun rose magnet for my church friends this month. It seemed to go so well with Elaine Dalton's talk on women. Women/Mothers are amazing, right?
 Anyway, I thought it worked perfectly since we celebrate Mother's Day in May. Single women, wives, mothers, single moms, aunties, sisters, .... we have a lot of responsibilities. Our "influence is paramount." {No pressure!}
I love to have fresh flowers in my home but don't always have the money to purchase them. What better way to have the look  (without the wilt).   I cut the petals from a light pink card stock and the leaves from green. I inked the edges to give more definition and depth of color. Glued them all together and mounted it to a strong magnet. To attach a copy of the quote, I used a paperclip. the magnet stuck to the paperclip and when she's done with the quote, she can still use the magnet on her fridge or magnet board.

School is almost out. . . not sure how often I'll be on my blog for the next couple months with swim lessons and family visits. If I don't see you, hope you have a fantastic summer!

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