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Friday, February 15, 2013

Red Velvet

I had no plans to make them, but then something happened when I volunteered ....  My son's school sent out a request for parents to send in any of a list of items to help with a Valentine's Day party for their class. The Room Mom (parent liason organizing the activity) said she needed unfrosted (not frosted) cupcakes. I know that the school has a "store bought treats only" policy so I asked the Room Mom specifically if I could make them because every store/bakery I know sells them with the frosting on them already. She said yes! I thought great! So, wanting fresh cupcakes I waited until the night before to make the cupcakes. Low-and-behold, as soon as I finished making the cupcakes an email showed up saying, "Ooops, you have to purchase the cupcakes. We'll just scrape off the frosting." Eeergh! So.... what to do with two dozen red velvet cupcakes? What to do? What to do? Hmmm.... {Bing!}
Cake balls of course!
I whipped up a batch of cream cheese frosting. Then with the frosting still in the bottom of the bowl, I peeled off the cupcake liners, broke the cupcakes into two pieces, and through them all into the mixing bowl. Then I used the paddle on my mixer to break up the cupcakes and mix them into cake ball dough. Easy peasy.... and I don't have red hands (red velvet cake has LOTS of red food coloring in it.)
And here is a picture of the pretty roses my hubby gave me. (Aaaaaw!)
Thanks for visiting. Have a terrific weekend!

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