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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Special Delivery

Happy almost Friday! Hope you've had a great week. Mine has been busy, busy, busy. Invitations, decorations, and some mommy stuff thrown in too. And I'm not done yet. I have a quick share today....

The balloon idea came from a lady who used the balloons as decoration. I didn't need decorations so much as I wanted a clever way to deliver a treat. I drew up the hot air balloons in Illustrator and then cut the six balloons out of some fun paper I had in my stash.

I had hoped to find Lemon Drops so that the note could say something like, "Just dropping by to say hi." But, the store only had LemonHeads... oh well. So, I skipped the cheesy note and just did a quick little To... From ... and left it at that.

Once again, I knew no one would be home and that I would need to leave it on her front door so I made sure to leave a nice long loop to hang it. My only hope is that her little brothers don't swipe her treat before she returns from school.

That's it for me today. Thanks for visiting. Hope you have a terrific weekend!

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