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Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Wreath 2012

Today I'm sharing the gift that I made for my parents this year for Christmas. I got the idea from Karianne of Thistlewood Farms. This is such a great idea! And it fits my parents so perfectly. My parents love to be surrounded by family but sadly many of us live hundreds of miles away and we aren't able to visit as often as we'd like. 
Fab! right? I've already talked to my mom who has learned to open my Christmas gifts right away since the last couple have been picture album creations. She loved it!! {happy dancin'}
I started collecting photos of my siblings and their kids back in October. With so many things going on this time of year I knew I didn't want to be trying to get photos from them when they too were up to their eyeballs in holiday fun.
With ten brothers and sisters, 34 nieces and nephews, and 24 great-nieces and -nephews, 2 aunts, 2 uncles and nine cousins I was pretty happy that I only had to go get a handful from Facebook. {Didn't want to get in trouble for not including someone... family politics. You know.}
I was concerned with all those people and only 27 frames I was going to run short on places to put photos. Thank goodness when most of the pictures came through showing families instead of individuals I was relieved.
To attach all the frames I cut green floral wire down to 12" lengths. One for each frame. I looked for brown to match the grapevine wreath but couldn't find it. So, I just made sure that when I attached the frames I placed the wires they couldn't be seen since the green would stand out against the brown.
I used one of my living room chairs to layout the frames as they would appear around the wreath. I was able to take the 'kick stand' off most of the files then string the wire through the holes in the hinge to attach the frame to the wreath. I think only one style of frame had a stand that couldn't be removed. In that case I tightly wrapped wire around the hinge that attached the stand to the frame and gave it a few good twists before I used the wire to attach the frame to the wreath.

Karianne's wreath was created using black and white photos. My mom and dad prefer color pictures so that's what I used. Also, Karianne had attached a burlap bow. My mom doesn't really do bows so I skipped it.
All of the frames sizes were either 2x3, 2.5x3, or 2.5x3.5. I purchased my frames at a few different stores: Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots. I had also checked Dollar Tree but didn't find anything I liked. One of the styles of frames that came from Michael's and the ones I found at Big Lots only cost $1 each. All of the others cost $4.99 or $6.99 each. The 18" grapevine wreath was purchased at Hobby Lobby and also cost $4.99. I already had the floral wire but if I remember correctly it costs around $3 for the spool.
I started attaching frames while the wreath was laying flat but since the wreath would definitely be hung vertically once it was completed, I didn't tighten down and hide the wires until I had a chance to hang it so I could make sure that gravity didn't cause any issues.

I had such a hard time giving away my creation. When it was complete and hanging in my house I debated just buying my parents a gift card and keeping it. But... in the end, I packed it up with as much crumpled news paper as I could find (thank goodness for 3 days worth of newspapers with black Friday ads) so that the frames wouldn't shift and the glass in the frames wouldn't get broken.

Well... this has turned into a long post. Lots of info. Hope it's helpful to you if you decide to make something like this for yourself. It's totally worth it! I think I need to make another one for me. :)
Thanks for visiting! Hope you're having a terrific day!

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  1. This is a most awesome gift.... very unique and oh so gifty.
    Great idea.


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