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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sugar Scrub

Have you ever used a sugar or salt scrub? Oh man, if you haven't you're missing out! My hubby gave me a lemon salt scrub a few years ago for my shower. I've been hooked ever since. Especially because I live in the desert. My skin gets super dry. {Not pretty} So, when I stumbled on THIS recipe for a pumpkin spice recipe I thought it would be the perfect gift for my church friends that I visit each month. You know, with washing our hands every other second while we are preparing holiday feasts or so we don't get sick our hands can take a real beating.
I found the little jars at Walmart for less than $2 each. I created and printed my own labels. Somehow I didn't get a pick with the ribbon tied on but oh well. What's a girl to do? I've already gifted them away. Thank goodness I have this picture, right? I made my version using coconut oil. At first the coconut smell was overwhelming the other spices so I added a bit more. After a couple days you almost couldn't smell the coconut at all. The pumpkin spices smelled fantastic!! I definitely recommend making this a couple days a head if you're planning to give this for a gift.

[EDITED post to add this picture ]

Time for me to run to the UPS store. I've got my parents' Christmas gift all done and I'm shipping it off today. They'll have it by Friday! It's not even December yet and I'm already checking Christmas to-do items list. {Happy dance!!} I'll be sharing what I made soon. Wait till you see it. It's fab! ... well, i think so anyway.
Have a fantastic day! Thanks for visiting!

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  1. What a terrific idea. I bet it smells wonderful.


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