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Friday, November 16, 2012


A number of weeks ago I was wrapped up in preparing for a Young Women activity at church. I was involved mostly with the invites and the handout for the girls. I also helped with decorating and making the treats. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. First up, the invites....
I came up with the design based on ideas from the girls on the committee. Then those same girls came to my house and we made them. As you can see, the theme for the night was "I See the Light." The idea was based on the Disney movie Tangled and as you will see we incorporated a lot of LIGHT and Tangled elements into the event.
We went with a votive for the handout with a sun icon cut from the front wall. Inside each votive we placed a battery operated tea light and a picture of Christ. We also put a little quote in the blank space above the sun which read, "Don't shine so others see you. Shine so that through you other see Him." For some reason I have the in-progress picture but not the finished picture.
I was asked to take the same quote and create a larger 11x14 size picture version of it to include in the decorations. I had recently purchased the Bright Season stamp set from WMS so I was able to stamp, scan, and scale up the size to use on my poster.
The lady that was in charge of the decorations did an A-MAZ-ING job! She created this fantastic tower. Remember how I said light played a big part of the night's event? Check it out....She strung 15 bolts of golden tulle with white lights....
...which continue around part of the room. She also painted a mural of the floating lights similar to the one in the movie and created a little vignette with a fireplace.
She incorporated lights into the display table as well. They are hard to see from the pic, but several of the young women and leaders got together for a couple hours and folded together a lily flower for each of the displays. The young woman's name was written on the leaf.
Then, she made arrangements to borrow a canoe from some friends and we set the votive handouts in and around the canoe. (we wanted a small row boat but a canoe was as close as we could get.) We were able to hang several of the votives on the wall above the boat similar to the floating lights in the movie. Also, see the little white "things" hanging in the air? Those are additional votives hanging on fishing line which we strung across the room. In case you were curious... YES! Every single one of the votives has a tea light in it and it's turned on. It's hard to tell in this picture but we dimmed the lights in the room so that the tea lights would show better.
Here is another picture of the "hair" continuing around the room towards the refreshment table. We created "tower" cupcakes where the batter was baked inside an ice cream cone, which we then frosted with purple swirled frosting on the top for the roof of the tower, a little arched window in brown frosting for the window and yellow frosting hair coming out of the window towards the base of the cone. Some how I managed to not get a picture of that. Sorry.
Here's a great shot of the "during" portion of the program. as you can see, we dimmed the overhead lights so that the hair and votive lights glowed much more brightly. Many of the girls and their parents were amazed at the transformation. We were so pleased with the results of our efforts.
Phew! What a night! It was really terrific. I'm so grateful every day for the opportunities I have to get to work with some incredible women and young women.
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  1. We are interested in doing something similar for our Young Women in Excellence. I am particularly interested in the votive lanterns with the picture of Christ. Did you have a pattern or a tutorial? I have a cricut...I just need a bit more information.

  2. Since you posted as "Unknown" I can't contact you directly. If you want to email me I can chat with you about how I made the votives. I made them using SCAL but if you have DesignStudio or CCR I can walk you through how to create a similar design. The sun, unfortunately, you will have to find something like it on a cartridge in your library. The one I used came from a Tangled colorbook. The pictures of Christ were found at a Deseret Book or similar store. I had to trim them a little bit to fit inside the votive and they were not expensive to purchase.

    1. I guess I should have realized that if I was unknown I was, well unknown. I have a cricut but I have SCAL 2 and they work together. So, lets see if this reply works...


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