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Friday, November 30, 2012

It's ok to be Silly

There's a young women that I know that was having 'one of those days' recently, so I put together a small gift for her. Basically, it's just a can of silly string that I wrapped in patterned papers and tied a ribbon around. I also tied on a note with one of my favorite quotes on it: Life is to be enjoyed not just endured.
I had also created a little word art (added after I took the photo, obviously). The word art says, "It's ok to get a little silly sometimes." The circle was placed on top of the lid.
Anyway, I hope you are having a good Friday. Thank you for stopping by for a visit.
Have a terrific weekend! {Can you believe it? Tomorrow is December 1st!}

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  1. What a thoughtful idea and I bet it gave your friend the smile she needed.


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