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Saturday, November 24, 2012

First ornament

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm not a huge Black Friday shopper. It dates back to when I worked retail. Now, I just have no interest to be apart of that mayhem. I'm sure many of you love it... or at least endure it. Hope you all survived the chaos and found the best deals. :) At the behest of our son, last night we attempted to put up our Christmas tree and discovered only one part of one section would light up. That makes for a sad Christmas tree. So.... off to the stores we went to find a new tree. Man, the pickings were slim. But we did find one at the second store we visited. It's a bit wider at the base than our old one but I think I will learn to love it. At 9pm last night after dragging the old tree out and setting up the new tree our son insisted we decorate it. Well, after hefting the box and pieces I wasn't in the mood. Instead I showed him this cool little video and we turned it into a quiet wind-down activity.... We made an ornament!

The tutorial can be seen at this video HERE. My son wanted to cut the circles personally but I showed him how I could easily put it into my software and have my cricut cut it. Truthfully, he wasn't impressed. He said next time he wanted to cut the circles himself. {HA!} In any case, we both made the layers that were incorporated into making this ornament. The colors are his teacher's favorite. {Any guesses who's getting this one for Christmas?}
{EDITED: Added some glitter to the ornament.]

I have been busy with several other projects. I hope to be back soon to share. Enjoy your weekend!
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  1. I like he wanted to cut the circles himself...time consuming though. Let's see........hmm maybe it's for his teacher? good weekend to you. I always enjoy your blog even though don't comment; hardly.


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