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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Hope you're having a great weekend! Several months ago, my son and I took a trip to Disneyland. One morning we got to the park early and needed some breakfast. We decided to stop at this little jazz cafe' in Downtown Disney. We joked around that breakfast was brought to us by the letter "B" because our first meal of the day included Beignets, Bacon and Banana. {Yum!}  Well, last night The Prince and the Frog happened to be on tv. I was reminded of the yummy beignets we had eaten once upon a time and decided I needed to makes some. To keep with tradition, today's breakfast again is brought to you by the letter "B":  Beignets, berries and banana.(Sadly, no bacon... {sniff sniff})

After a bit of searching online I found THIS recipe and decided to give it a shot. Oh! I'm so happy I did. They are super yummy. Light and fluffy on the inside.
I ate mine with powdered sugar while my hubby ate his with honey (more like Indian fry bread).
Hope you have a terrific day! Thanks for stopping in for a moment.
And thanks to OurBestBites for sharing their yummy recipes!

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  1. Certianly looks yum and I have learnt something new today....Beignets


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