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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Colorful Thank You

Some friends of my hubby's were in town for a conference and they invited us to go to dinner with them. I had never met them before but they were such lovely people even when my 7 year old decided he was bored and started to make a nuisance of himself. Thank goodness for fancy mobile phones. First he looked at pictures on one person's phone. Then he was able to play games on mine. We had such a nice time. And then they surprised us by picking up the tab!

I decided I needed to send them a nice Thank You card. This is what I came up with.

I created the card using DesignStudio using Alphalicious. I've created frame-style cards where the lettering is in a window. This time I left the frame out and used just letters and asterisks to create an open, lacy card effect.
I created and cut the card out once using the shadow feature on the letters and asterisks to create the base in black. Then I created and cut the top layer three times in citrus green, lavender and raspberry pink. I only used one color for each of the asterisks but layered up all three layers of the wording. With all the skinny and rounded areas I wasn't comfortable using foam to attach the layers and give dimension. I used hot glue instead so even if a little bit does ooze out the side it's clear and hardly noticeable.
I love it! It turned out so much better than I thought possible. I definitely need to make more cards like this.
Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Jen, they sound like wonderful people!

    Your card is awesome, and I know they'll love and appreciate it!

  2. sounds like it was a good evening...you gotta luv phones that can entertain little ones :)
    the colors stand out so bright and cheerful against the black...FABULOUS CARD!!!

  3. Awesome card, they will love it. I certainly do.


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