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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Playing with Polish

Summer break from school is almost over for us. My son starts school on Monday! We've had lots of fun swimming and playing with extended family over the last few weeks. I had some extra time this last week to give myself a manicure.
 I started with the light blue polish. Then added a floral all-over pattern stamp using a white polish on all of my nails. After a couple days I decided to add a bit more 'something.' I used my swimsuit as inspiration for the colors along with some inspiration from Pinterest and added some flowers to the nail of my ring finger. 
Turned out cute. It would have been a little TOO much if I did every nail, but by just doing one nail I think it's fun without being over the top. And since the white-on-blue stamped pattern is so subtle it's not overwhelming either.
I hope you're having a lovely summer!
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