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Monday, May 21, 2012

Taking Inspiration Where I Can Find It

Do you ever have a day where you're feeling a little less than inspired? Your get-up-and-go has decided it doesn't really want to? Well, this month's little gift to my church friends is a collection of terrific quotes that hopefully will help brighten their day. Maybe give them a boost.
Normally I would make my own designs, but since I wanted to make a booklet of quotes, and I didn't have a lot of time, I started by collecting some pre-made designs from the web. Lucky for me, there are a lot of talented, creative people out there that like to share their creations. :)
Most of the creations I found were sized to be printed at 8 1/2"x11" which was way too big for what I had in mind. I sized them down and laid them out to where I could print nine per sheet.
I cut them down, matched them up in pairs so that I could create back-to-back pages...
... and used a bit of glue stick to glue them together.

Then I ran them through my Xyron to laminate them. Trimmed off the excess laminate, punch a hole in the top corner, and strung them on a bit of ribbon to create the booklets.

All done. ...well, almost.
I decided the booklets needed a cover. Back to the computer...  I used one of the designs as inspiration and created a cover page and slipped it on the ribbon. NOW they're finished! :) And not a second to lose. It's time to go out the door to meet my friends.

Special thanks to all those that shared their designs! You really helped me out!
If you're interested in making your own booklet of inspirational quotes, you can find the downloads HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. They have so many more quotes and designs than what I used. Some religious, some not. The links I gave are to the actual pages/posts that include the designs I used. But if you return to their home pages and search through their blogs you'll find lots of other fun stuff that I'm sure will inspire you.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting.

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