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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Congrats, Taylor!.... part 2

I have more of Taylor's grad party decor to share today. Once again, something simple that turned blah into WOW.
For desert Jaime made a sheet cake. She wanted to do some letters to decorate and we played with the idea letters on toothpicks or just standing them up in the frosting. Eventually, we decided on a banner. Armed with plenty of inspiration, I sat down and drew out what I wanted and then created it on my computer.
I cut the banner pieces out by hand. When I made this project, I printed the design on cardstock, but next time I will use regular copy paper weight paper as we found out that the cardstock looked great but ended up being too heavy.

Using a marker on some string I colored my own 'bakers twine' in yellow, since yellow is Taylor's favorite color.
Scored, ...
... added some stitching detail using a perforating blade, ...
... then folded and glued the pieces in order along the twine making sure to leave extra string out at the sides for tying them to the skewers.
The sheet cake was too shallow to support the weight of the sign so we ended up taping them to the outside of the platform tray that Jaime placed it on. Then, we ruffled some fun 3" wide ribbon to skirt around the sheet pan for additional festiveness.Turned out great, don't you think?

That's it for today. Hope you have a terrific day.
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