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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Your lucky day

Miss me? In case you were wondering,....  Spring break is over! Woohoo! Life is returning to "normal." Crafting has resumed. Don't get me wrong. I love spending time with my little guy. And we have plenty of fun times running around and doing stuff together. But sometimes a two week break from school can feel like an eternity to a bored six year old on stay-cation from school, not to mention the mom of said six year old.
 Quick little gift/handout for my friends from church.
The message is tucked inside the Pot-o-gold.

And to insure they chocolates stay in tact, I bagged the ones that I have to drop at the door.

I created the cauldron pocket card using DesignStudio and George & Basic Shapes. I inked it with Fresh Snow (PTI) before gluing it all together. I popped a couple small holes in the handles to attach the wire handle. The simple rainbow is made from incrementally sized circles cut by hand from some bright colored papers, layered, then cut in half, and glued to the back of the cauldron. I considered cutting out the center so that it would be an arch instead of a half-circle but these chocolates are a bit heavy. Keeping the center helped to add a bit of sturdiness to the card.

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