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Monday, March 5, 2012

Clutch-style Album

I was a bit MIA last week with good reason.... I was busy making a little something.
My sister-in-law celebrated her birthday on Saturday. She also has become a grandma twice this past year!
So instead of just sending her a card this year I decided to put together a mini album for her to start collecting pics of her grand babies in.
I have a hard time calling this a "mini" album since it's quite large. And most of the panels and tags will hold normal size photos prints which will require very little trimming.
Each page set has a front panel that lifts up. Inside is a standard panel and a large pocket holding a good-sized folded tag.  Then on the back is another pocket, this one a wee bit smaller with an additional pullout panel.
When the wrap-around cover is opened there is a nice slip-through pocket at the bottom. It has a folded pullout tag in it.
And once all of the pages have been opened there is a very large pocket in the back holding another folded double-panel tag.
As you can see, ooodles of space to put pictures of grandma's pride and joy!

The ideas for creating this album came from Kathy's "Femme Fatale" clutch mini album. I just didn't need the lace and frills since the grand babies are boys. Additionally, I used the "Hidden Hinge" concept so that the exposed hinges were nice and neat. The papers all came from DCWV: Nana's Kids, All About Boys and Stripes and Dots.

THANKS KATHY! for inspiring me to be crafty with your ingenious ideas.
And thank you for visiting today. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow Jen, that is amazing. You really put a lot of work into that. It turned out super cute.

  2. Jen - don't you just love "hidden hinges" and Kathy? I have made the Occasions Folio, the Soft Sping Mini Album, and am working on a Faux Policy Envelope album -- I just love Kathy's projects!!! I do like the way you added your own touch as I'm not really fond of the purse albums with handles, etc. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks SanKat :)
    And yes! Jackie. Once you learn Kathy's techniques you can interchange them with your own and make the albums truly your own.

  4. Amazing album,Jen. Great gift. I'm sure she'll love and appreciate all the work you put into it.



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