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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There's Magic In the Air

Today's project is for my son. My little boy loves Harry Potter. And Spiderman. And Star Wars.  But today we're focusing on his love for all things HP.

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine pinned an idea on Pinterest that captured me. So many pins are all about... "If I have time maybe I'll do this." But this one was different. It was one of those ideas that made me say, "I have to do this."  (Or, something like this.)
I took Lemon Squeezy's original file and formatted it to fit my book. (She used a 4x6 photo album. Mine is 5x7 and made from chipboard.) After resizing, printing and cutting down the pages I inked them to look old.
Then glued them inside.
I used cream cardstock for the pages. They're a wee bit too thick. I think next time I'll used regular ol' copy weight paper.
My son.... LOVES it. Several days leading up to its completion he would come home and ask if his Harry Potter book was finished. Now, he carries it and the wand around the house or stows them carefully on his bookshelf in his room. He doesn't necessarily like the purple on the cover. I was informed that it should be black. So I told him when I have time I'd make him a new one.

One of the greatest parts about this project is the cost. I was able to use scraps of paper and chipboard  from my stash. I didn't have to purchase anything new. And that makes me happy.

I hope you find an idea or a project that inspires you today.
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  1. Hi, Jen! I know your son loves this!!! I can see why!!!

    Lve how you inked the edges of the pages to age them -- that looks great!


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