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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Out of This World Valentines

I've been busy, busy making my son's Valentines.
Fun, right? :) 
I knew I wanted to use one of the stamps from Half Pint Heroes. I decided on the rocket since my son is very much into Star Wars right now. (Just about every one of his math papers come home with some sort of Darth Vader looking character on the back. LOL)
I created a file to cut the rocket shape and the planet shape. After cutting the white base pieces I was able to stamp them with the rocket image.
To save myself some time, instead of coloring the rockets blue, I cut an additional set of rockets from blue paper.
I trimmed off the wings, the antennae and the flame with scissors.
I colored the flames using yellow, peach and red markers.
Then I stamped the top portion of the rocket again on white, stamped the little boy face, colored it with a light beige marker and cut out the window.
I used a silver Sharpie to color the wings and add accents to the blue layer and the ring around window.
I glued together the individual rocket pieces...
...and added some dimensional glaze to the window to make it more glass-like. ModPodge is a nice dimensional glaze. It's like water. To get a really good dimension you have to use more than one coat. It definitely gives a beautiful shine.
Then I created a file in my photo editing software so that I could color the planets that I cut out. 
Also, the picture above is the most accurate picture of the planets. They are not pink as most of my pictures suggest. They are red.
Next came the wording. I happen to have two printers; a laser printer, which prints black only, and a color inkjet. While it's possible to print black on a color project I find that the black tends to bleed into the other colors. So instead I print the colors on the inkjet and then print the black lettering using the laser printer. Yes, it is twice the work but it's worth it to me. 
Time to piece the Valentine's together.
Probably the most difficult part was adding those little connectors on the ends of the glow sticks without snapping them so that they glowed prematurely. I will tell you, the least expensive glow bracelets that I found were at Michael's. They had tubes of 15 bracelets with connectors for $1. The dollar store had packages of five for a dollar.

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