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Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Heart Garland

As I was driving my son to school last week, we had stopped at the house where I pick up a couple boys that we carpool with. My son immediately noted the very festive heart hanging on their front door and said, "Mom we need to put up Valentine's decorations." I explained that we didn't really have Valentine's decorations to which he replied, "Well, you need to get some."  So, I set about making some Valentine's decor to please my son. (He cringes and gags every time my and hubby kiss but he wants Valentine's decorations. HAHAHAHA!)
As luck would have it, my sister sent me an email pointing me in the right direction. It featured a sweet little garland that was made using multiple hearts, mini clothes pins and baker's twine.  I took one look at it and thought, "Yup! I think I can do that!"
 My first task was to cut oodles of hearts. I chose the Roly Poly heart on Plantin Schoolbook. Cut it at 2". I used DesignStudio and was able to get 26 hearts on the 12x12 mat.
Then I stacked up the hearts in groups of threes and sewed a line down the middle.
They would have been cute just hanging vertically like that, but.... I had other plans in mind.
After I clipped them apart, some of the hearts were glued to a corrugated rosette. I used a decorative border punch on the strip of 2"x11" white cardstock prior to folding which gave the rosette a beautiful doily effect.
I then mounted the heart-rosette combo to a banner panel made from some decorative paper and an old book page. (hmmm... slightly off center. I'll have to fix that later.)
The majority of the hearts were used as-is and just clipped to a long length of red and white baker's twine using some mini clothes pins. All I had to do was fold the top two layers of hearts up to give them a dimensional look and clip the hearts to the twine using the back layer.

Then I took the whole thing and strung across my front window. I'm not really a hearts-n-flowers type of girly-girl but I really love how this turned out. Thanks to Pebbles in My Pocket for the cute idea!! And to my son who encouraged me to decorate for a holiday that doesn't get a lot of fanfare around my house. By the way, when my son saw the garland he said, "That's great mom! Is there more?"  Apparently every holiday needs to be decorated for like Christmas.
Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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