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Friday, February 24, 2012


Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing my handout to my church friends.
I created the word art and hand cut it out, layered in on red and hand cut that layer too. Such an easy shape to cut I just did it by hand. Then to add a bit of interest I added a bit of ribbon. Instead of a bow or something else, I created a heart...
 I used approximately 6" of ribbon.
 I could have used a glue dot to do this step but I had my ATG right here on the table. I just dabbed a bit of tape at the center of the ribbon and pinched it.
 Then, I brought the ends down, crossed the ends and stapled it in place creating a heart with the ribbon.
 Rinse and repeat.....
 Cute handouts in just a few minutes.  And a very nice reminder of how much influence and responsibility we moms (and dads) have with our children.
This is what the word art looks like. You can download the word art HERE if you're interested.

Stay tuned..... I will share how I made the heart ornaments next week.
I hope you all have a fantastic day! Thanks for visiting.

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