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Monday, January 30, 2012

Watching and Caring

This month's Visiting Teaching message is about Visiting Teaching. It's about WatchCare...err... watching out and caring for one another.

This is the little hand-out I made for the ladies I visit. Each cut-out represents some part of the message.
The book -- it's the Spells book from Paper Dolls Dress Up with the "Spells" part hidden -- represents the scriptures or our faith.
The book was cut twice: once in white, once in blue in order to get all of the layers necessary to piece it together. The bookmark was colored with a red marker. Then the whole piece was layered on a white base.
The pie -- also from Paper Dolls Dress Up --  represents our actions. Whether we clean their home, pick up their kids from school, or we're just a sounding-board ... Sometimes when we don't know what else to do we present our friend with food.
The pie was cut twice in beige, the top was cut off one piece, inked and layered on top of the other which was outlined using a silver pen.
The hand with the heart cut-out -- comes from A Child's Year -- represents our love and care for our friend. Visiting them each month shouldn't be about getting the job done but rather about spending good quality time with our friend.
The hand was cut from red and layered on white. The heart is gold glitter.

It was a wonderful message and one I hope to remember when my life is crazy and it's the end of the month and I haven't visited or cared for my friends yet. What better way to escape my troubles than to forget myself and care for another?
Hope you have a wonderful week!  Thanks again for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

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  1. this is just fantastic...what a great idea and creation.


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