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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arise and Shine

Hope your week is going well. It's Thursday already... my internal calendar is all mixed up since I've been dealing with a sick boy. Oh yes! the joys of winter illnesses. So much fun!
I have a fun craft to share today.

Now, for those of you that visit with any regularity you're probably saying... "Hey! This isn't new!" You're right, sort of.  Last time I posted the above picture I was sharing the cute little light bulb tag.  This time, I'm sharing what's in the bag!!

Inside each one of the little bags is one of these fun bottle cap charms/zipper pulls.

After creating the design and then printing them out, I punched them out using a 1" circle punch. Then I set up my little craft area and went to work.

I flattened the bottle caps, which gives the edges a nice rolled-back look and takes care of that scratchy edge. Then placed an epoxy sticker on each punched-out design. (While liquid glaze is nice, I find that the 1" epoxy circle stickers make this project easy and FAST!) Using a bit of hot glue I adhered the design to the center of the flattened bottle cap. Not only is it easier to center the epoxy sticker to the design before adhering it to the bottle cap, it also gives your finger a bit of protection from the heat when using hot glue.
Then I used a split ring and a jump ring to connect a lobster clasp to each bottle cap. Now the girls can attach this little charm to a zipper, a bracelet, a keyring, where ever they want. (Did I mention you need to punch the hole in the bottle cap BEFORE you flatten it?)
Then I bagged them up using some Martha Stewart bags which I found at Walmart in the Wedding aisle.
The charms/zipper pulls really turned out so nice. The girls (we gave them to the young women at church) loved them. This is the birthday gift we decided on for the girls for this year. Not such a monumental task as last year's journals, but just as happily received. Especially by the girls who have birthdays in November and December. We gave all the girls their birthday gifts in January so they could all be reminded throughout the year about the theme for the year. And now we can wish them all happy birthday wishes without the stress of who got the gift? where's the gift? did she get her gift? etc.

Here's a better view of what the design on the bottle cap says. If you'd like to use it, you
can download it HERE

Easy peasy, right?  I love projects like that.
Thanks again for stopping by for a visit. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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