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Monday, January 30, 2012

Watching and Caring

This month's Visiting Teaching message is about Visiting Teaching. It's about WatchCare...err... watching out and caring for one another.

This is the little hand-out I made for the ladies I visit. Each cut-out represents some part of the message.
The book -- it's the Spells book from Paper Dolls Dress Up with the "Spells" part hidden -- represents the scriptures or our faith.
The book was cut twice: once in white, once in blue in order to get all of the layers necessary to piece it together. The bookmark was colored with a red marker. Then the whole piece was layered on a white base.
The pie -- also from Paper Dolls Dress Up --  represents our actions. Whether we clean their home, pick up their kids from school, or we're just a sounding-board ... Sometimes when we don't know what else to do we present our friend with food.
The pie was cut twice in beige, the top was cut off one piece, inked and layered on top of the other which was outlined using a silver pen.
The hand with the heart cut-out -- comes from A Child's Year -- represents our love and care for our friend. Visiting them each month shouldn't be about getting the job done but rather about spending good quality time with our friend.
The hand was cut from red and layered on white. The heart is gold glitter.

It was a wonderful message and one I hope to remember when my life is crazy and it's the end of the month and I haven't visited or cared for my friends yet. What better way to escape my troubles than to forget myself and care for another?
Hope you have a wonderful week!  Thanks again for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arise and Shine

Hope your week is going well. It's Thursday already... my internal calendar is all mixed up since I've been dealing with a sick boy. Oh yes! the joys of winter illnesses. So much fun!
I have a fun craft to share today.

Now, for those of you that visit with any regularity you're probably saying... "Hey! This isn't new!" You're right, sort of.  Last time I posted the above picture I was sharing the cute little light bulb tag.  This time, I'm sharing what's in the bag!!

Inside each one of the little bags is one of these fun bottle cap charms/zipper pulls.

After creating the design and then printing them out, I punched them out using a 1" circle punch. Then I set up my little craft area and went to work.

I flattened the bottle caps, which gives the edges a nice rolled-back look and takes care of that scratchy edge. Then placed an epoxy sticker on each punched-out design. (While liquid glaze is nice, I find that the 1" epoxy circle stickers make this project easy and FAST!) Using a bit of hot glue I adhered the design to the center of the flattened bottle cap. Not only is it easier to center the epoxy sticker to the design before adhering it to the bottle cap, it also gives your finger a bit of protection from the heat when using hot glue.
Then I used a split ring and a jump ring to connect a lobster clasp to each bottle cap. Now the girls can attach this little charm to a zipper, a bracelet, a keyring, where ever they want. (Did I mention you need to punch the hole in the bottle cap BEFORE you flatten it?)
Then I bagged them up using some Martha Stewart bags which I found at Walmart in the Wedding aisle.
The charms/zipper pulls really turned out so nice. The girls (we gave them to the young women at church) loved them. This is the birthday gift we decided on for the girls for this year. Not such a monumental task as last year's journals, but just as happily received. Especially by the girls who have birthdays in November and December. We gave all the girls their birthday gifts in January so they could all be reminded throughout the year about the theme for the year. And now we can wish them all happy birthday wishes without the stress of who got the gift? where's the gift? did she get her gift? etc.

Here's a better view of what the design on the bottle cap says. If you'd like to use it, you
can download it HERE

Easy peasy, right?  I love projects like that.
Thanks again for stopping by for a visit. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Secretary

I'm so glad you came to visit. I have something wonderful to share with you today.
Hmmm... ok, maybe it just looks like a box.
But it's not! This box is an organizing wonder!  Ready to see what I'm talking about?

Ta-da! Fabulous, right?!
Here is a picture of the side ...

A couple weeks ago, I sat in on one of Kathy's online Ustream classes to see what this little gem was all about. I watched as she made her demo box and decided I needed to make one also. I ordered my chipboard online HERE and purchased the tutorial HERE and I was able to make this little beauty from start-to-finish even with family in town visiting. YES! This is all chipboard and paper and glue. This is not an altered box!  Isn't that great?!

In fact, my cute little niece Emma helped me pick out the papers (blue and pink to match her bedroom) and happily filled it with her Hello Kitty treasures. According to her mom she is an organizationally minded kid. When she asked if I could make one for her I decided she needed to have this one. (I know... Best Auntie EVER!)

If you're ever in the need to get your craft on and you really want to make something special, you should give Kathy's tutorials a chance. Her instructions have LOTS of pictures and of course you can always go over to her Ustream site and find the video(s) where she walks you through the process step-by-step.

That's it for me today. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Hope you are having a wonderful Friday. Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monogram pendants

Now that Christmas is over I can safely post a couple of the gifts I made to give. The first one I have to share are some monogram pendants I made for my nieces.

I made these back in September, but didn't want to ruin the surprise. These are so simple to make. Once you learn how you to will be finding reasons to make them.

First step was to come up with the monogram. I opted for the easiest option for me: Computer and printer.
Basically, I used my photo editing software to create 1" squares and placed a white letter in the center of each.

Using glitter glue, I filled in the white area of each letter and let it dry completely. Then cut them out.

I put a pea-sized drop of glaze in the center of the paper square and then pushed the glass tile onto it. I highly recommend doing this on a non-stick craft sheet or some wax paper or something. I happen to have a small silicon baking sheet, found in the $1 aisle at my Target, which works really well for projects like this. If you get too heavy handed with the glaze, when you push the glass tile onto the paper (you want to PUSH not just PLACE it because you want to get as many air bubbles out as possible) sometimes you will squish a bit of glaze out the sides. Don't panic if you get a bit of glaze on the glass. It wipes off easily with a damp paper towel.

Let them dry and voila!  Now, we're not quite done yet. Sometimes when the package of tiles says 1" and what your computer & printer prints as 1" can vary slightly. Be prepared to trim away any excess using scissors or a craft knife. Also, you will want to glue a bale to the back of your creation to turn it into a pendant. Other options could be turning these little gems into magnets or pins/brooches.  Even a fancy shmancy tic-tac-toe game if that's what you want to do.

I used E6000 to attach the bale and found the beaded chain at a local store. The pics aren't great but they did turn our really pretty and glittery. And best of all, the girls loved them.
Ok, that's it for me today. Hope you have a good one. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 16, 2012

You've Got Mail revisited

I know it's been a few days since I've posted.  Busy busy busy.... Sometimes the ol'blog slips to the bottom of my to do list. But I have something fun to share with you. I made a new friend out on the web: Rachel at Scrappin and Happy. (Hiya girl!) She asked if I'd mind if she made a video using one of my .cut files. I gave my A-OK and here is the result. An adorable 3-D mailbox!  If you have difficulty seeing the video below, you can see her video HERE.

Thanks Rachel!  Stop by and check out her blog when you get a chance. You can find her HERE
You can see my original post about the mailbox HERE

And thanks to you, Reader, for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Crochet hearts

Remember the heart from the K journal?  I told you I'd return with more information on how I made the little beauty.

The pattern was created by a creative blogger by the name of Julie K.  I found her by way of Pinterest (yeah... that wonderful mecca of knowledge....)

I tried my hand and making the two different sizes and decided on the smallest one for the journal. I'm not sure why but my center hole keeps turning out lopsided. The heart is nice and balanced but if you analyze the center you can see it's a bit wonky.

Still cute though. And fit nicely on K's journal.

There you have it. Time to start whipping these bad-boys out in time to make a million Valentine's, right?  Well, not me, but you can take this gift and do with it what you will.
Thanks for stopping by. Make it a great day!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pinky K journal

And Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing the final journal creation from my 2011 project.

This young lady is all about pink. Every time I see her she is wearing pink whether it's  a shirt, skirt, pants, dress, her pink crocs or a combination of all of the above.  She also loves hearts and stars and flowers.  Well, I wasn't able to work the stars into this pink concoction but along with the glitter on one of the papers I used, I added a bit of Stardust penmanship around some of the edges so there's plenty of sparkle.

I also found this darling pattern to crochet a heart which I added to the journal cover too. (more on that next week...) To make sure that the yarn didn't release from the adhesive and fall off, I stitched the heart using thread to the photo mat behind it and then hot glued in place. I also hot glued the photo mat down as well so that there is that extra bit of security too.

Well, that's it. I hope you've enjoyed seeing them. I didn't go back and count but I think I created around 20 of these personalized journals since last June. Phew! I'm glad they are done but I'm also sad. It was a wonderful challenge to keep me crafting. I'm on the hunt for a new challenge ......

Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Catty C journal

With the crazy week after Christmas I had, I missed posting my last two journals! So my next couple posts will be showcasing those journals.
I'm so pleased with how this turned out. I was really nervous about it, to tell you the truth. The young lady that received this journal told me she loved forest green and cats. I love green too, but I had to double-check the cat theme with her mom.  Her mom assured me that she absolutely loves her kitty and that even though she is a girly-girl, she is a cat/animal lover first. So, I pulled a trio of cat silhouettes from the A Child's Year cart and made it work.  You can't really see it, but the peach background paper is all glittery and there is a bit of Stardust pen accents all around the layers.

OK... That's it for me today. I have family in town so I had to make this post short-n-sweet.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Let Your Light Shine

Happy New Year! Woohoo! Smiley from millan.net      Wow! Another year is over. I'm already struggling with writing 12 for the date instead of 11. Am I the only one that had difficulty with that? I'm sure my hand will connect with my brain sometime in April...  :)

Today's little project is also a How To!  Don't you love it when you learn something new? I know I do.

The lightbulb is fun. It's cute. It's super easy to make. But the WOW here is how I printed onto the pre-cut lightbulbs... ... Did that catch your attention?  Yes, I said I printed onto pre-cut shapes.   This is so great! Smiley from millan.net  I love it! 
Forgive my enthusiasm. It's the geek in me.  Smiley from millan.net  If you're a wee bit nerdy like me, then listen up. Here's how I did it.

First, I cut out the lightbulbs. These are not cut from cardstock. They are cut from a yellow copypaper weight paper.

Then I designed my wording and printed that out on a standard piece of paper. Now, using some repositionable adhesive, I attached the lightbulbs to the print out.

I ran the same paper through my printer again. Voila! my printing is now on my lightbulbs. Cuteness, right?!
Before I put the gray cap piece on, I used my Scor-Pal to put a few lines on it. Then used my Stardust pen to add some shimmer.
I have the wording for you if you want it. You can download it HERE
Well, that's all for today. Hope you have a good one. Thanks for visiting.