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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Easy Mini Album

Have you ever needed a nice but easy gift? Maybe a thank you gift? Or a Thinking of You gift? Maybe even a birthday or baby gift? Well, if you have a piece of nice cardstock for a cover, a handful of white or preferred color for the interior pages, a coordinating ribbon and a hole punch you will have an album in minutes. Really.

First thing you do is take some cardstock and cut it in half so that you have two 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" pieces.  This will be the finished size of your mini album.  Next, take one piece of your cover cardstock and score it 1" from the left edge along the shortest side.  Then measure and punch a couple holes inside that 1" area (see picture below). I punched my holes at 1/2" from the left side, 1" from the top and bottom edges.

Next, you will want to take several pieces of cardstock or sturdy paper and create your interior pages. Cut them in half just like you did the cover cardstock. Since my pages are white and I didn't want them peeking out around the black cover, I trimmed an additional 1/8" from the length and height of the pages. To make it easier for the pages to fold once the book is put together, you will also want to score at 1" from the left edge just like with the cover.

Line up one of your interior pages with the cover and mark where you want to punch your holes and then use it as a template so that you can punch holes in all of your pages.

Stack up all your pages. Put the cover piece without the scoreline on the bottom. Put the cover piece with the scoreline on top. Thread your ribbon or twine or whatever it is you want to hold your album together through the holes and tie a bow/knot.  Decorate the cover and you're done.   For my album I used a black elastic and a bit of bamboo trimmed to size.

I think total time to make the album took me about 20 minutes... only because I had to hunt down the black elastic, and I was talking with my sister on the phone at the same time (Crafting with friends is more fun!) and three punches into this project my hole punch died. (RIP dude). So I had to hunt down a second hold punch. (Thank goodness for my son's school supplies.)

That's it. Easy, right?!
Well, thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it. Have a fantastic day!


  1. Hi, Jen!!! Great job on the mini!!!

  2. Fab mini. Miss crafting with you You are right, with friends is so much better.


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