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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hope your week is going well. Can you believe Halloween is practically here?! Holy moley! It hit me yesterday that the festivities will be upon us in just a few days. One of the items needed for a costume this year is a fedora. Well, instead of wandering from store to store looking for one, I did a bit of internet searching and found some instructions on how to make one.

The original instructions said to paper mache' over the posterboard but I just didn't have the time nor did I want a STIFF helmet style hat. So, I decided to cover the posterboard with some felt instead. I don't like the seams down the side of the crown of the hat but that's what I get for not doing the paper mache'.

I pretty much figured it's going to be dark and anyone close enough to me to see the seams had better be my hubby (who won't care) otherwise they're getting an elbow to the solar plexis.

Lots to do before I run off to get the kiddies from school.  I hope to have more details on how I made this chapeau tomorrow. Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. The Fedora is fantastic, but the site with the pattern doesn't work.

  2. You're right. Sorry about that. It looks like both the tutorial and the User are both gone from the web site. :(

  3. I just did a google search and found several links. maybe one of these will help you:


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