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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fedora... How I did it

I told you I'd be back with the info on how I made the Fedora.  The instructions came from a tutorial I found HERE.  Like I said, I wanted a softer look, so I used posterboard and felt instead of cardboard and paper mache'.
I took plenty of pics so hopefully I won't have to be too verbose...  Gather up your supplies.
Piece together your printed patterns (provided at the site above.)  I printed them on cardstock to add additional thickness.  (Is it me, or is posterboard thinner now days than it used to be?)
Trim them out and glue them to the posterboard. By using a wet glue to adhere them it bonds them together and adds that additional stiffness I need.
Trim out around the patterns.
Using spray adhesive, adhere the cutouts to the felt making sure NOT to get any adhesive on the "teeth" around the center circle cut-out on the brim (doughnut) piece. Two things to note:  (1) Pre-fold the area around the crown before you adhere since you won't be able to see the markings once you've adhered the pieces; and (2) The cardstock should be sandwiched between the felt and the posterboard.
Trim out the felt pieces.
Cut several 1/2" pieces of duct tape. I used black so that it would blend in with the black posterboard.
Use those pieces to hold the first folded areas together. This creates the divot that appears at the top of the crown of the hat when it's finished.
Cut several 4 1/2" strips of duct tape to tape the "spider legs" together to create the top of the hat.
I placed the tape on one flap then lifted the other into position against the first.

If you haven't done it already, cut the circle out of the center of the brim (doughnut) piece. It doesn't have to be perfect but you will want to cut away most of the felt that overlaps the teeth. Place the brim face up and lip up all of the teeth up.
Turn the top of the hat over. Place the brim face down so that the teeth are inside the top.  Using a hot glue gun, put a bit of glue on each of those little tabs (teeth) and glue it into place.
Flip your hat back over. Ta-da! You have a fedora!  Now, as you can see there are some white bits peaking out through the cracks. Sadly, my black posterboard was white-core. So I took my brown marker and went around the brim and at the edges that peeked out around the top of the hat and colored them.
Last but not least, I took a scrap of the black posterboard that was left over and ran it through my crimper to create the band.

Special thanks to the guy that created this fun pattern. I had a great time making it. And my son insists on wearing it as much as he can. 

Well, that's it for today. Hope your day was a great one! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I really appreciate it.

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