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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peri takes on Perry

Today's crafty-share was not created by me. The honor belongs completely to my 13-year-old niece Peri and her mom (my twin!) Oh yeah... the crafty gene was not lost on this girl. Check it out!
Are you familiar with Phineas & Ferb on Disney Channel?  Such a great show! Clever stories, even more clever songs worked into the stories. And one very 007-secret-agent-character Perry the Platypus, A.K.A Agent P.

A few weeks ago my sis was out browsing the web and came across a really fun idea and instructions on how to create a messenger bag. She and her daughter stewed on it a bit, and then with a bit of instruction from me (I painted a number of canvas bags several years ago), they set off on their quest....


First they dyed the canvas (RIT: tulip). While it dripped dry, Peri transferred her design to some white canvas and started painting (didn't want the blue to bleed through the paint and change the color of his eyes or beak).

Voila! Even if you aren't sure what Perry looks like, just know she did a brilliant job! There is no mistaking that this is Perry.

Then using the instructions from the other blog, my sis took all the pieces of fabric and sewed them into a multi-pocket, fully functional messenger bag!

Which I gotta say, if I was Perry (seen below, tucked safely into interior of new bag) I would be happy to travel in such fabulous style.

And of course, there's also practical use for the bag... it easily fits all of Peri's school work and paraphernalia. 

Here's the outside of the bag with the painted flap in place.  One side note: My sis said that there was a bit of shrinkage after the dye and paint dried. She lost about 1/2" in width and height. She recommends painting and/or dying your fabric and letting it dry completely before cutting your pieces out. Additionally, the canvas is such a heavy weight that she didn't use the Soft and Stable that was recommended at the other blog. She used a bit of pellon.

Nice work Peri and Judi! Thank you for letting me share your project. It's awesome!  And thanks to Snips & Spice for the messenger bag idea. It rocks!
Hope you are all having a lovely Thursday. Thanks for stopping by.

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