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Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Just a Bill...

I know it's been a few days....  life just likes to get in the way of me spending time on my blog. Such is the life of a mom, right?

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Here's a little somethin' I put together a while back. I originally made it to be part of my son's President Project last February, but.... then decided to do the White House design instead.  He seems unfinished... I forgot to dot his eyes, and somehow his little "Bill" ribbon has gone missing. I'll have to make him another...

I started out just tracing his facial features into the clay but decided it wasn't right.

So back to the drawing board....I added ovals and half circles so that his eyes and lids layered onto his face and a ball for his nose.  A bit of wax paper inside kept him from collapsing while he dried.

Then once he was dry I used my Sharpie and a steady hand to outline his facial features and add pages.

For those not familiar with "Bill" here is a little video to introduce you.  When I was young I remember loving all the Schoolhouse Rock videos.

Anyway, I'm not much of a sculptor but I had a lot of fun trying my hand at it anyway. And the Crayola Air Dry clay is so easy to use. You might give it a try should you ever feel the inclination.

Well, what are you up to this weekend?  Do you have any fun projects to share?  Post your link below. I'd love to see it!
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Jen, this is just too cute, my friend!!!

  2. Cute! And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill...


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