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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bottlecap magnets

I was out scouting around the ol'web and stumbled on a cute idea for some bottlecap magnets.  Why buy when you can make, right?

So i did a bit of shopping... and put together a tutorial for you in case you want to make some for yourself.
First, you can leave your bottlecaps in their original form but personally, I think they're a bit too edgy, so I flattened mine. I really like the flattened look.  Here's how I do it.  Load your A plate into your cuttlebug. Then a B plate. Put a handful of bottlecaps opening down on  the B plate and then place a second B plate on top.

Feed the leading edge into your cuttlebug and then while keeping a firm hold on the tail end of your plates so that the top B plate stays level, slowly work your bottlecap sandwich through your machine.

If your bottlecaps have a rubber insert, now is the time to remove it if you so desire. If you hit the bottlecap with a bit of heat from a heat-gun it will loosen the glue a bit. It's still a bit of a pain to remove them but it's much easier to remove them after the heat than before.

The first set of magnets I made I wanted specific words and colors to appear on the magnets, so I worked up a design on my computer, printed it out on cardstock, and then punched out the circles using a 1" circle punch.

I adhered each cardstock circle into a bottlecap with a dab of glaze and then filled each bottlecap with glaze. First I went around the perimeter and then filled in the center.

The glaze I used was a thinner glaze so it required two coats of glaze. Let each layer of glaze dry completely between coats.

It will take a good couple of hours for the glaze to dry completely. Once they are dry, you can flip them over and attach a magnet to the back.

Easy peasy! I love projects like that. If you're super impatient you can use some 1" clear acrylic stickers instead of the glaze to fill up the bottlecaps.  The little box I put them in is just a gift card tin that I got at a craft store.
I did a bit of testing with the three different glazes I had here at home.  Not sure if you can tell from the picture below but they are all different. From top to bottom: Inksentials, Judikins, Sakura, no glaze. They all are nice and shiney. And they all filled in the bottlecap nicely. One coat of Inksentials gave the same effect as two coats of the Sakura glaze. I was disappointed by the Judikins as it bubbled a LOT! Anyway, just thought I'd share my results. You can choose which ever product you want.

And the ideas of what to put in these little babies.... well those are endless! Maybe you have a favorite drink you want to spotlight or a little Boy Wonder like I do who likes to hang his masterpieces on the fridge.

Well, that's it for me today. Time to run to the store to buy more magnets for the backs of my bottlecaps.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!


Sakura Lacquer
Hot Glue Gun
Fiskars 1"
Circle Punch
Cardstock or
Soda can


  1. Wouldn't those be a cute neighbor gift for Christmas? In the tin? Maybe print some cute sayings on them? Love them Jen!

  2. love them! I did some that I bought them already smushed... where did you get the bottle caps from?

  3. Such a terrific tutorial...thanks so much and love this idea. I can't believe you ran the tops through the cuttlebug...may jsut have to try that.


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