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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Errand of Angels...

How's your week going?  Mine is hustling right along. Hardly a minute to stop and think. I have a handful of friends stopping by shortly to help me work on the rest of the project that goes with those little name banners from yesterday.  That should be fun. Crafting is so much more fun with friends, am I right? Of course, I'm completely at the mercy of Provo Craft and DesignStudio right now. All of a sudden out of nowhere my Win7 computer, which is my primary computer, won't recognize my Expression when I need to use DesignStudio to cut something out. Thank goodness the ProvoCraft Customer Service people have been relatively quick to respond to my needs as my XP computer, my old/backup computer does recognize my Expression otherwise I'd really be up the proverbial creek.....  So, if you have an Expression and you happen to use a Win7 computer and run DesignStudio be prepared for a mishap.... Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

On to today's project.... Do you ever get inspired to do something that is out of your norm ... and you're not quite sure why?  A couple weeks ago I started saving up soda cans. I don't know why. I mean, I thought the angels were cute but I wasn't especially motivated to make them again right away.

Then, as I was getting ready to go visit my friends from church it struck me that these little angels would work beautifully with this month's message.  In my mind I read the message about the Society of Holy Women which led me to the hymn Sisters in Zion where the second verse reads, The errand of angels is given to women.  Voila! Perfect gifty to give my friends.

Anyway, now that I was enlightened and motivated (appointments are just a couple days away)  I sat down, drew out the shapes I needed (for some reason my sister took the only pattern with her when she went home) and started cutting. Many of you asked how we made these. We attempted to cut these out using the Cricut but I didn't get a nice clean cut through the aluminum. So instead, we found that if we took our pattern pieces, adhered them to the aluminum using some repositionable glue, and simply cut them out with some good scissors we achieved a nice edge.

I stayed focused (always easier said than done) and finished three little angels to give to my friends when I see them this week before my son returned home from school. Moral of the story, never throw anything away. No, wait! That's not it. lol  Listen to that voice of inspiration. Sometimes she knows what she's talking about.  (*wink*)
Well, that's it for me today.  Make it a great day!


Bic Mark-Its
Cuttlebug Folder:
D'vine Swirl
Cuttlebug Folder:
Lace Christmas Tree
Cuttlebug Folder:
Swiss Dot
Cuttlebug Folder:
Tiny bubbles
Fiskars 1/16"
Hole Punch
Scallop Scissor
Hot Glue Gun
Tim Holz Snips
Repositionable Glue

Other:Wire rings,
jewelry tools

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