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Monday, August 1, 2011

Another journal... or 2 (part two)

The storm passed. No damage done. (Phew!)
Here's the second of the two journals/notebooks I altered this weekend.  The young lady that received this one likes pink and music. So.... 

I didn't want the pink and black to be too overkill, so I added a bit of gold to make it sparkle. The gold cardstock came from PTI. It's has a glimmer to it that sparkles but is understated. Not '80s at all, if you know what I mean. I thought the bit of tulle helped make it more fun, since the look and layout had a more formal appearance to it. I needed to bring it back down to "teenager" status ...

I need to work on one more journal this week and another in a couple weeks. (I have 15 more to create between now and December 31st. I'll try not to bore you with the details... Maybe you'll see them, but possibly you won't.
Hope your day is going well. Thanks for stopping by.


Tulle from stash,

Gold ribbon from stash
Pink paper from stash


  1. Another cutie, Jen!!! I love the music notes!

    Can't wait to see the other 15... LOL!!! By then you may never want to make another journal for a loooooong time, huh?!!! LOL!

  2. Love this journal...great design, great colors. PS, I saw that storm rising up and gave out a sigh of relief because the weather channel didn't seem to show it in my area. HA...we got slammed. Hate August.


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