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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Extreeeeeme Crafting

I made some fun magnets yesterday. It turned into an extreme experience ... but more on that later.

The magnets are clothes pins that have been altered a bit. I started by added a layered rosette to the face.

And decided to add a ring to the bottom to give the option to hang a message there.

And the opening for the clothes pin is at the top so you could easily slip any additional messages, coupons, pictures there too.

Kinda fun, right?  And based on the papers you choose, it would be very easy to make them up for holidays or based on decor of the room where it would be employed.

So I mentioned that this craft turned extreme ...   I've made dozens of these little accordion-fold rosettes and I've never had a problem. Until yesterday. I had just put down a couple swirly circles of hot glue on the back of the rosette. I was holding the flattened rosette with my left hand, returned the hot glue gun to its holder with my right and went to pick up a small piece of cardstock when *ACK!*  I guess I didn't have a good enough hold on the rosette. It popped up and the hot glue got my hand.   I don't usually swear, but I will sadly admit that I said a few choice words when this happened. Then I went and grabbed an ice pack.  I couldn't pull the glue off because the skin was already bubbling up underneath it and I didn't want to rip open my hand.  My left hand was tender to the touch all the rest of the day but this morning it seems to be much better. The skin is still lumpy. Time will tell whether it will scar or not.

So, lesson learned. Don't get too comfortable around hot glue.  Or you may end up with an owey.

Hope you are all having a great day!

Cricut Expression
Elmer's Glue
George cartridge
Glimmer Mist
Hot Glue
Patterned Paper
MS Glitter
Stardust pen
Tonic 12" trimmer

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  1. These are absolutely fantastic despite the mishap. Oh your adventure with that glue gun reminds me of the early 80s when I was a machine turning out the fabric photo albums. I had blisters all the time on every single finger, and how about when you get hot glue on your finger and before ya know it, you put the finger in your mouth...and then it gets burned.
    Memories. Anyway I love your adventure results.


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