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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Teacher's Gift: Memories Mini-Album

I decided that I needed... err maybe it was more like a want instead of a need... to make one more gift for my son's most fabulous Kinder teacher.

I used the bag folding ideas from Kathy at Paper Phenomenon to make this little beauty.

I had some difficulties getting the recorded videos of her classes to play on my computer, but thank goodness she has her Paperbag Mini Album Series that I could refer to for some instructions./inspiration.  I just love the pencil charm that I found on clearance and the initial charms for her name that I found in the beading area.

Here are some pics of the inside. 

I didn't put a pocket on the inside of the front pocket, but I did put one on the back cover.

Some of the folded insert tags (found inside the paperbags) are folded along the short side. Others folded along the long side.

Each right side page has a pocket with a double sided pullout tag for pictures as well as a nice size panel behind the tag for an additional picture.  (And you can see where the pull-out folded tag is inserted along the right side into the paperbag.)

On each of the left side pages you can see one panel for pics with a fold up hinge where two more pics can be placed. Then to the right a fold out panel is placed for four more pics or journaling.  Here you can see the fold out panel closed....

And here the fold out panel is open.

The font and cameral were all multi-layered, slightly glittered and glazed.  The little lion in the camera lens is because the school's mascot is a lion.

Phew... completed just in time.  My son's last day of school is next Wednesday.  HUGE thanks to Miss K and all of the other staff that work with my son at his school. (You know who you are.)  I can't thank you enough for helping my son mainstream into elementary school. Without you I know he wouldn't have come as far as he did this year.

And big, BIG thanks to Kathy for sharing her creativity! You rock, my crafty sistah!

That's all from me today. Have a fantastic day!


  1. Absolutely a most fantastic gift for teacher. I used to make a little scrapbook with pages for photos and memories and student comments for teachers. ....this brought back the memory. Thanks for the inspiration.
    The teacher will forever cherish this.

  2. I just found you this morning, but I'll be back. Love your album!

    Please send me the Girl Scout file, I made a donation. Thanks!

    suekimmet at gmail dot com


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