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Sunday, May 22, 2011

B is for Baby banner

Hiya everyone,
Phew! Has it really been two weeks since I posted something to my blog?  {Honestly it feels more like a month.}  Thank you so much to those that stopped by and wished me a speedy recovery. That was a yucky flu bug I had.
A few weeks ago a friend asked if I could help her with a project.... Or maybe I forced a paper crafting project on her... now I can't remember. Either way, the more we talked about it the more excited we both became. My illness postponed our project play date, but in the end we completed it with plenty of time to spare.

The colors and accessories were chosen based on the invite that was created for the baby shower. Isn't it cute?

And her friend refuses to tell anyone the baby's name so we settled with some wording on it that corresponded to the invite and theme of the party.  We were able to get her to tell us how many letters are in the baby's name so that we could make enough panels for the banner. That way even after the shower has come and gone I can replace the current letters/wording on the banner with his name and it can hang in the his room.  {not that it couldn't hang in his room with this wording ....}

As it turns out, there is a picture or mural in the baby's room that has a tree and birds and some onesies hanging on a clothes line.  That's where the onesies as the banner panels came from.

I let my friend choose the colors and papers and any other accessories to create the banner and I provided the know how.  One of the elements that I love came from some cute little bumble bee brads which we snapped the backs off and hot glued them to some curled wire to make it look like they were flying.

This little boy themed banner turned out so great, I decided to make a second one for a mom that is due to have a little girl in a couple weeks.  I have pictures of that one and will be posting it soon.

Hope you're all having a great Sunday!


  1. This is adorable!!! What cartridge did you use for your onesie? I love the shape, as it's a little rounded rather than super straight. Do you have a cut file for this?
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Kim,
    I used New Arrival for the Onesie. Pooh Font for the letters. I do have a DS cut file but I'd be happy to create a Gypsy file if you need it.


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