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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cookie Chaos

Hiya! Smiley from millan.net
I had a couple different events to make cookies for this week. I needed to come up with aobut four dozen cookies and I didn't really want to do the same old thing. What to do? What to do?  Oh, how vast the ideas are on the internet. I found a cute idea for some fun bunny cookies and tips to make them dimensional at Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle.

 I didn't have time to roll and cut cookies using cookie cutters. I took a shortcut and simply made a simple rolled sugar cookie instead. Then free-handed the bunny on the cooled cookie base.

Once the royal icing was firm (about 15 minutes) I took a thinner royal icing and filled in the bunny.

A bit of thin icing tinted with a touch of red color to give me a pink was added to the white ears. Because I filled all of the bunnies at the same time before changing colors to add the pink, many of the bunnies had dried so that the pink sat on top of the white instead of blending in. That's ok with me. I like the dimensional effect.

Then I filled the blue background.  I used a toothpick to coax the icing into the corners and tiny areas that were smaller than the tip on my icing tube.

Hmmm... No black food color. Even if I mix all of the colors in my little color box I could only get a icky, muddy purpley-brown. Bleh. Off to the craft store I go...  Ta-da!  Black icing for eyes.

Time to pipe one little cheek.  This is key. Don't pipe them both at the same time or they're puddle together. Believe me, that's not what you want.

Wait till the first cheek is firmed up or dry then pipe the second one.  Wait a little bit longer and pipe a tiny pink nose.  That's it. And they're so cute.

Thanks SugarBelle for sharing your tips and tricks.
Hope you all are having a great day!


  1. wow, your cookies look so good! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Delicious and cute looking bunny cookies..



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