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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break!

Spring break is upon us. I hope to get some crafty time in but I can't be too sure with my nearly-6-yr-old son running around and wanting to be at the park, and feeding the ducks and going to the store and .... basically being anywhere but home. Today, we visited the zoo.... with about a million other people!  Wow! it was busy at the zoo.

Plus, grandpa is coming to town next week to take my son on his very first fishing trip. He is over the top excited. His dad already took him to get a fishing pole. But my son has informed him that he will not be using worms as bait. Not because they are icky, but because "that's not very nice."Smiley from millan.net  lol

What it means to me is that I have to tidy up the craft/guest room so that it's manly enough to receive it's very-near-future guest.  Kinda hard to craft when all my tools have to be put away.

I'll be back as soon as I can. Hope you all have a pinch-free Smiley from millan.net St. Patty's Day!


  1. I haven't seen you in awhile.. thought I had better pop in and say hi. How exciting for your son... hugs

  2. Life can be busy with children. How fun you went to the zoo and your son gets to go fishing. Take care.

  3. What fun you and your son must be having!!!

    Jen, anything you do is always worth the wait; so, we'll be right here awaiting -- at least I know I will!!!

  4. OMG!!!!!Your little man looks so in to it!!!! LOL, he really seems to be in the groove!!

  5. I have the same issue you do - my craft room is also the "guest room" with a day bed - so I have to put my "stuff" away when company's coming - BUT, that's not that often so I can't complain - what would I do without the space I've got!!!
    We'll be waiting to see what comes next!

  6. My favorite place is the zoo; and I'm sure you both had a wonderful time. Treasure your times -- they go way too fast!

    I remember when my dad taught me to fish; and I'm a girl. I loved it; even putting the worms on the hook. Hopefully, it will come to your son.

    While your tools are put away; I have trouble just finding anything in my office. Been reading up on controlling clutter. Time ... time!

    Wonderful post; and a great blog!


  7. Looks like you're having a ball w/ your son! That's what it's all about, eh? :-)


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