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Thursday, March 31, 2011

DS vs Punches

I'm guessing many of you have seen the FAB Martha punches on HSN today. Oh the fun I could have with an unlimited crafting budget.  Alas, I just had to have the emissions sensor in my car replaced to the tune of $650. Smiley from millan.net   So, instead of moaning about what I don't have I decided to put what I do have to work for me. I opened up DS and got started. First, I used Keyword search to find a snowflake shape that I wanted to play with.

I keyed nine onto my mat all within the same Properties box. Kerned them so the horizontal tips would overlap and welded them together.

Next, I grabbed a square from Plantin. Placed it on top of the bottom half of the first snowflake so that the top of the square was at the vertical mid-point of the snowflake.

Using the horizontal stretch handle I widened the square so that it reached the far right point of the row of snowflakes. I made sure the Weld box was checked and I Previewed my border. The top edge was good but we will need to fix the cut-outs....

For each cut-out that we wan to hide, first select it so that the black dotted outline turns to a red/pink outline. Then right click to open the secondary menu.  At the bottom of the list click on Hide Select Contour.

If done correctly each hidden contour will now be a very light blue.  If you accidentally hid the wrong contour simply right click and select Show Hidden Contour.  If you can't seem to access the Hide Select Contour button it is possible that you pasted the shape onto your virtual mat. Simply Save and re-Open your file and the Hide Select Contour button should be available to you again.

When I previewed the design on a blank tab you can see that it will cut without any holes where they shouldn't be.

By copying and pasting the snowflake piece of the design (rotating it 90 degrees for the sides), deleting an extra snowflake here and there, and resizing the square to fit the middle, hid some more contours and showed a few in the corners that didn't need to be hidden any more, and I was able to take this border and turn it into a full page.

And don't forget, with the trace-to-select-multiple-shapes feature in DS you can resize the whole design to fit the size paper you need. **Don't forget to push the Ctrl button so that your pieces stay together when you resize them.**

Later, I will convert it to .gypsy and see what kind of tweaks are necessary to get it to cut using the Gypsy also. I reeeeeeeeally hope there's an update coming from PC soon that helps Gypsy and DS play nicer with each other. But for now, I have lots of errands to run and things to distract me from crafting and HSN-shopping.  >>> Updated: Converted file to Gypsy and it worked brilliantly! Sometimes I get lucky I guess<<<

Don't forget, I have a Wordbooks class on Saturday if you'd like to join me. Smiley from millan.net More info about that HERE.

Happy crafting!


  1. Jen you are truly the Queen of DS. I love that you explain things so we can get a real understanding of what you are doing! I did purchase the punches and got auto ship. If I had your talent I could have saved some money! LOL Thanks and Hugs

  2. Thanks Suez. Enjoy your new punches (when they arrive). :)

  3. Jen, you are just toooooo clever for words!! Totally creative!!! TFS! :-)

  4. Jen, you're just the best, you're a pro my sister-friend!!! This came out just fabulous!!!

  5. thanks Jen, I need to try this out on my gypsy.

    Hug Linda


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