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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating the Presidents.... Revisited

I just realized that I forgot to post the pictures of my son's President project from last month.  I say "my son's project" but really the homework assignment is sent home as a Family Project.  I'm not one of those parents that does her kid's homework.  Really I'm not.

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I originally wanted to do something that stood up like an open book, but once I created the White House, I realized it was too wide and I couldn't fold it without completely ruining it. So, I altered my perspective a bit...

It turned out perfectly! Even better than I imagined! With all the white from the cardstock base and the White House, I needed to add a bunch of color so it wouldn't be so bland. The primary colors from the cardstock really pop!  

And I had my son write all of the facts we found. It not only helped him with practicing his handwriting but it helped him learn the information.  He had to stand in front of his class and tell his fellow students about the president so I needed to make sure he knew what he was talking about.

All of the kids' presentations are on display until the end of the week. Then he will bring it home... Not sure if he will want to keep it in his room or throw it away. I guess I'll find out on Friday.

Hope you're all having a great week.


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My World cartridge
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  1. You both have done a fantastic job.....what a terrific idea.

  2. Jen, it came out just perfect!!! If I were your son I wouldn't want to throw it away either!!!


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