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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pretty flowers....

Hiya... Sorry I've been MIA.
Nothing exciting to tell. I wasn't at CHA or anything. Just mommy stuff going on over here on my end.

Back in December cute, crafty Penny created a terrific SCAL/MTC file and tutorial to make some wonderful hydrangea flowers.
I immediately emailed her to ask if she'd mind if I made a DS/Gypsy version. I was so grateful that she said yes.  I mean, I could have made the file for myself but I wouldn't have been able to have it available for you.
Any whoooooo.... I'm outta here again. I'll be back soon with a tutorial tomorrow or Thursday
Have a wonderful night!

  • DS or Gypsy file available. 
  • All Tags,Bags,Boxes & More and Gypsy Wanderings    (I created this file completely on my G so I used carts available with the free carts given with the G.)


  1. Love this....reminds me of California. I visit my son and his place is surrounded by hydrangeas...pretty lavendar and pinks. Great little flower you've created, Jen.

  2. Hi, Jen. The hydrangea is very pretty!


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