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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celebrating the Presidents

Hiya !!!
Little by little.. Bit by bit...  I'm getting things put back into usable order. 

Amongst all of my technical issues my little boy was also hit with some kind of flu bug too. I should have known he was in for a wild ride when he had a fever. He never gets a fever. He's one of those kids that gets 'stealthy' ear infections. I say stealthy because you don't know he's even got one until the fluid starts coming from his ears.  Long story short.. he was sick all weekend and even missed some school this week. Poor kid.

Then you add to that the fact that his mom is stressing out about technical issues.  Oh yeah! It's been a treat here!

Ok, nuff o' that....   I actually have something crafty to share with you.

Yesterday I got working on my son's Family Project for school.  With President's Day coming up this month's project is all about the presidents. So of course I had to start going through my cartridges to find out what would work or not.  I have the My World cart which is so great for this theme, but we couldn't choose Washington or Lincoln. We had to choose a different president.  So since my hubby is all about history and politics and such I let him choose. He chose Calvin Coolidge. First we discovered that he was born on 4th of July. Then, there happens to be a Coolidge damn and a Coolidge city here in AZ which were both named for him... ta-da! Three facts down. Two to go. (He has to present five facts to his class.)  lol

But I digress...I really am getting to the crafty part. Really.

 I wanted to put a White House on his presentation board. But, wouldn't you know it, there isn't one on the My World cart. Or anywhere in the Cricut library (or at least it wasn't coming up in the keyword search in DS). So, I went and found a picture of the White House and drew one out in Inkscape so that I could cut it using SCAL.

I'm so pleased with it.
Well, if you've read this far  I want to Thank You for coming by for a visit! Hope you are having a fabulous day!



  1. Wow! That's all I can say. This is amazing. You outdid yourself. Great job. I hope your son is doing better and on the road to recovery now.

  2. I hope your little one is feeling better today.. so sad when they are sick.. this is just so awesome.. you are one amazing young lady. hugs


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