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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Box of goodies

Hope you have all had an enjoyable Sunday. It's been a beautiful day here. Today after church my son and I came home and decorated his Valentine's Box. We hit the craft store yesterday and picked out some fun papers. And what started out looking like this...

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Now looks like this....

The lid comes off for his friends to put Valentines inside.

My fear is that it may be too small. I couldn't put the 25 Valentines that I made for his classmates into the box which tells me that it's likely the kids in his class won't be able to put theirs all into it. So, he's also going to school with an accompanying bag....  just in case.

Oh well, I didn't have a shoe box to convert/recycle/upcycle. I'll have to plan better for next year.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Smiley from millan.net

Camouflage, Star on Grid pattern paper
Black cardstock
Mickey Font Cartridge
Cricut Expression
Tonic Trimmer
Scotch Quick Dry
Smokey Shadow Ink
Hot Glue Gun
Sharpie UltraFine


  1. How fun and creative! I love the little bucket it made, and love that you recycled to create it. I'm marking this as ANOTHER must try!

  2. Jen, this is ABSOLUTELY adoable!!!

  3. I understand, Jen. You HAD to eat the ice cream to make this Valentine's bucket for Porter :0)
    Just kidding!
    It turned out fine, especially the handle.
    Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday.
    PS: that's my ultimate favorite flavor.
    PJ(Jessie Adams)

  4. You're right PJ... about the sacrifice to my diet in order to have a box for my son. I just HAD to do it (*wink*) Hehehehe!! Hugs!

  5. That must've been tough to devour all of that horrible yucky icecream to have the container for your project, eh? LOL Just kiddin'. It looks super yummy!!!! :-)

    Great job on the container. Really cute!!

  6. You are so clever. I am late going thru my reader and just saw this. Love it! I won't even comment of the original contents of that fab box!


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