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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Wreath

Hiya! Smiley from millan.net
Several months ago I had to bid farewell to my front door wreath. Smiley from millan.net It had served me well.  It hung on my front door nearly year round, through blazing summers and freezing winters...  except for fall and Christmas and Fourth of July. It lasted six or seven years. This last September (or maybe it was October) when I pulled it off its hook so I could hang my fall leaf wreath, I noticed the plastic branches that held the leaves and flowers were breaking off in my hands. I'll admit, it wasn't the most high-end wreath. When I purchased the old, pre-fabricated wreath, I got it on sale for something like $10. 

I'm very happy to say that my new, handmade wreath cost even less than the old one.Smiley from millan.netThe idea for this wreath came from a couple different blogs and sites I stumbled upon. I'll gather up the site(s) and paste them at the bottom of this post.  I found the red burlap at Hobby Lobby (it's on sale this week!!) and I already had the grapevine wreath and ribbon in my stash. I bought the houndstooth ribbon a couple years ago from the $1 bin. I had no idea at the time what I would use it for, but I loved it and had to have it... for something. I think it's exactly what my little red wreath needed.

With my house being all beige and cream this little punch of red really brightens my entry. I love it! Smiley from millan.net Even my hubby said he likes it. He wondered who it would be gifted to since I have a habit of giving all of my creations away. When I told him I intended to keep it his response was, "I'll b believe it when I see it. (While I know he meant it as a tease, I have to admit it's true. I give everything away.)
I hope you all had a wonderful day today. I'll come back in the next day or two with pictures and instructions on how I did this.

PS: I saved the flowers from the "dead" wreath.... They may show up on a future project. We'll see.

{Edit: My apologies to Heather at WhipperBerry. I finally re-located the post where I found the red burlap wreath idea. HERE it is!}


  1. beautiful! please post tutorial! Id love to do something like this for my new house :] TFS!

  2. This wreath is just beautiful. Love the way it turned out. I agree with Ashley, a tutorial would be fab!

  3. Looking forward to your instructions. I need a new wreath for my front door. Love yours!

  4. Love this wreath, loved the tutorial too. Awesome..


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